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Our galaxy is a IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica crucial part of our ability to measure time and make IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica watches. Although the moon is most commonly thought of, there are many other celestial bodies. For tracking the passage time, one shining star was used in particular as far back 2000 BC. The Sun is the dominant factor in life on IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica Earth.Gustafsson & Sjogren's latest creation, the Midnight Sun, was inspired by the "great ballof fire". Five of these "bright watches" are being built by the Scandinavian duo, Johan Gustafsson, the master bladesmith, and Patrik Sjogren, the IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica watchmaker. The watches are mostly Scandinavian-themed and fit well with the GoS's solar theme, especially considering the Lapland summers where the sun never sets. These are the seasons of perpetual light, also known as the Midnight Sun, which are periods in which the sun is visible at all IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica times. It is most common in the northern and southern Arctic circles. However, it can also be seen up to 90miles outside these areas depending upon the weather.IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica

GoS uses a IWC Replica Watches solid-gold dial that has a sun-ray effect to capture the IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica essence of the "golden sun", as it is commonly referred. It has a fine sunburst effect thanks to a number IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica of steps of radial finishing. The dial is finished with a damascus-steel chapter ring with triangular hour markers. The dial has a very abstract representation of the sun thanks to these markers. It almost looks like a child drawing. We have IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica covered damascus-steel's technique here.The dial has damascus-steel hands that look like swords. The watch hands are hand shaped, polished and etched. They match the chapter ring. The dial glows golden, giving it a rustic appeal that is IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica softened by its elegant glow. As a small seconds indicator, a shuriken is located at 6 o’clock.IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica

Johan and Patrik IWC Ingenieur Replica decided to work together again to incorporate the Midnight Sun's theme in the movement. Jochen Benzinger, half of IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica Grieb & Benzinger, has reworked the manual wound ETA6498 movement to meet chronometer specifications. He then skeletonized and engraved the movement to reflect the sunray inspiration. It is visually stunning compared to its more serious IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica counterpart. Blued mainplates, wheels, and screws feature some guilloche art by Mr. Benzinger.The Midnight Sun case is made with stainless damascus, hand-forged by Johan Gustafsson. It has a slightly larger caseback and bezel. To reflect the damascus core, the edges of the caseback and bezel have been polished. The brand's continued development of this material is IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica evident in the bezel, which features a damascus-steel inset. The look is completed with a damascus-steel crown. The case measures 45mm wide by 10mm thick.IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica

The Midnight Sun comes with a handmade nubuck strap that is black IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica and a traditional birchwood box. These models are limited to five and available for pre-order. The first model has already been constructed and is currently on tour in the south-IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica east Asia. The Gustafsson & Sjogren midnight sun is priced at EUR 17.000 (roughly $ 23,000 USD/ 21.000 CHF). You can find more information on the model and the brand at their website or visit their Facebook page.IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica

IWC Ingenieur 34mm Replica